Detox herbal clense tea

With the changes in lifestyle and eating habits our system is contaminated with extra fat and harmful chemicals which we consume in our daily life by eating processed junk food, consuming alcohol and smoking.

Nature’s miracle

To overcome this problem of reducing fat and cleaning one’s system, nature has provided man with a miracle medicine known to be herbal detox teas. There are a number of teas present in our natural environment effective in detoxifying the system

Ways to use

Detox tea is either taken twice or thrice a day, in between meals or taken at night. Different detox teas play differently in detoxifying the body and boosting up the metabolism. This is done by clearing up large and small intestines, resulting in the form of large amounts of waste.

Effects of detox tea

There are a number of teas and herbs in the market that claim to lose weight and clean up the system, these include teas made from wild flowers and grass, but the question is does detox tea clean your system in actual? The answer lies in our most powerful herbal tea which is a mixture of 6 powerful herb blend known as lumitea. This powerful herbal tea revitalizes the body and mind. This tea not only cleanse the system but is also a great anti depressant.

Lumitea special packs and blends

Lumitea offers 30 day detoxifying cleansing packs that work in different ways. Named as

· detox cleanse 30 days

· detox cleanse 30 day triple

· rejuvenate

Blends include

· lumitea boost (for boosting up energy)

· lumitea calm (for relaxation and anti stress)

· lumitea colon (for colon cleanse)

· revive (anti aging supplements)

· rise (for metabolism boost up)

· lumitea skinny (help reduce appetite and slimming down)

Each of which works differently but efficiently. Detox teas may be efficient in cleaning up the system and weight loss, but to work this out successfully a healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy diet and exercise should be practiced.



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